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Need a source that satisfies your hunger for sports and popular culture? Tired of irritably pointless articles? The Sixth Man is the site for you. As the premier up-and-coming online publication, The Sixth Man not only covers your favorite sports teams and Hip Hop albums, but it also provides a nuanced perspective that is current and fresh. We are two deeply impassioned, straight outta college writers who believe that pop culture and larger social issues cannot be separated. We focus on deconstructing and analyzing news stories in ways that many mainstream media sources fail to do. Last but not least, we are motivated by our love for sports and music, and our mission is to bring you interesting, reliable, and original content.  



Born and bred a New Yorker, I have experienced years of triumph and tribulation as a die-hard New York sports fan. I hardly remember a time when the Knicks, Yankees, and Giants did not figure prominently into my life. I watch as many games as possible, track every player, and discuss sports news with my friends. If sports are my religion, then music is my muse. My favorite rappers are Drake, Gang Starr, and Eminem. I also love Jhené Aiko and Ariana Grande (both in a musical and general sense). My favorite television shows are Community and Friday Night Lights, and I can’t get enough of the WWE. 

Macklin Stern
Patrick Smith

Patrick is currently a member of the Branded Content department at Complex Magazine. He is a writer, copy editor, and photo/video editor. Patrick also oversees the department's monthly Google Analytics and social media reports. You can read his articles on Complex here,


Previously, he wrote for The Source, New York’s #1 Hip Hop magazine. You can check out the stories his wrote at

Patrick graduated from Bates College, where he majored in African American Studies. He wrote a Honors Thesis his senior year on the combination of oral and written culture in Hip Hop, which he successfully defended in front of a panel of his professors. 


Born and raised in New York City, Patrick is a huge sports and Hip Hop fan. He support the Knicks, Yankees and Jets. His favorite rappers are Big Daddy Kane, Nas and Wale. In his free time, he likes to play 2K and FIFA, where he loves to simulate seasons as a team's GM and tries to build a winner, one step at a time.  


To reach Patrick, please email


Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @psmith1284. To reach Patrick please email

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